Leadership Fellowship Workshop

Leadership Fellowship Workshop

: N/A

: Park Village Resort, Kathmandu

: 21 May to 28 May

KLL is hosting the Leadership Fellowship workshop in Kathmandu from 22 May to 27 May. 20 students from 15 universities across 11 countries have been selected as Leadership Fellows to participate in this capacity training and community building event. Students will meet to address themes of youth leadership, open mapping techniques, data visualization, science communication, disaster risk mitigation, inclusive community participation, organizational capacity building, and/or international partnership.


The event will be facilitated by instructors and experts from KLL, USAID GeoCenter, Texas Tech University, George Washington University, and West Virginia University. YouthMappers is a network of university students who have united to create and use open spatial data to directly address development challenges in the most impoverished countries in the world. Learn more.

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