Digital Internship and Leadership (DIAL)

Status: Ongoing

2nd cohort trained | 135, 448 map edits | 132,215 buildings digitized | 3,106 km of roads mapped

Problem and Context

As we move through the 21st century, our social, economic and environmental challenges are evolving and becoming more complex. These challenges stem from, and reside at, the intersections of more than one discipline. On the other hand, Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) is becoming ubiquitous and transcending these disciplinary boundaries.

The emerging social, technological, economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century and the opportunities of the digital revolution means that there also needs to be a gradual shift from traditional, physical volunteerism to more contemporary, digital contributions. In order to tackle these challenges and re-align our resources with the shift, a strong pool of digital volunteers that can understand data and technology is needed. However, very few initiatives have addressed this shift and moved ahead with the trend of digital volunteerism. Thus there is a dearth of trained professionals who can contribute, conceptualize and advocate on technology for development and problem solving.

Our Contribution

As a civic tech company, we thought investing our knowledge among young generation today will benefit our upcoming generation in future. We believe open mapping, civic learning, digital leadership and sustainable development are among the up and coming topics in the context of data and technology, where lots remain unexplored and untouched.

The current Digital Internship and Leadership (DIAL) emerges from the above identified gap. The three months long extensive internship program equips young (under)graduates with a broad understanding of open data, technology, civic learning and prepares them to be the next generation of leaders in open data movement. DIAL is one of the capacity building initiatives under Digital Volunteers initiative.

‘Digital Volunteers’ is a platform initiated by Kathmandu Living Labs that encourages, empowers and engages Nepali citizens, (particularly youth) willing to contribute their digital skills for the digital development of Nepal.

Why Digital Internship and Leadership program?

Digital Volunteers Initiative under Kathmandu Living Labs opens this opportunity for both outstanding students and recent graduates. This internship program will develop digital skills and help the interns prepare for (digital) leadership positions. The interns will be a part of KLL’s flagship program – Digital Volunteers.

The pool of interns will receive rigorous training on a wide range of digital tools with particular emphasis on OpenStreetMap (OSM). In addition, they will also receive mentorship on career and leadership development from a group of national and international experts.

What do Digital Interns do?

Digital interns will contribute to expand a free, editable, digital map of Nepal using OpenStreetMap. The core tasks include:

  • Creating digital maps of critical infrastructures of three geographical areas (Terai, Hill & Mountain).
  • Field data collection using OSM tools, and tools that are developed by Kathmandu Living Labs.
  • Validating and correcting mapping done by other fellow mappers.
  • Community based research and report writings.
  • Meeting face to face with your mentors, experts and fellow mappers periodically, and discussing progress.

Where will you be working from?

You will have the flexibility of working from your home or any other place you prefer with occasional fieldwork and scheduled meet-ups at KLL. However, you need to be physically present during the first week of your internship for orientation and training. Your mentor will keep in touch and follow your work online throughout the internship period.

How long is the internship?

Three Months.

Are we taking new interns now?


Curently, our 2nd cohort is in full swing. We will let you know when cohort 3 begins. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can check out our blog posts from cohort 2.

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