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At KLL, we bring together data, people, and technology. We are community builders who believe that small actions done by many can bring large-scale impact. We are tech savvy people deeply passionate about improving the society we live in. We tackle tasks that seem impossible, and even have fun while doing it.

We are looking for team members who share our passion, energy and ambition. If you dont' see a job that fits you, feel free to contact us directly.

Join the OSM community

When we began, Nepal was virtually blank on most maps. Today, a growing community has put our houses, neighborhoods and our gallis on OpenStreetMap. It is now possible to get around Kathmandu with a completely offline digital map, and the open map digital infrastructure is serving government, app developers, and businesses.

After the 2015 earthquakes, the map was used extensively to provide support to the disaster response. Nepal’s mapping community is recognized as pioneers in the world today.

Support the community

Many of KLL’s projects are supported by institutional donors, but individual donors make a large difference in supporting our volunteer mapping community. We use individual donations to support workshops and “mapping parties” to introduce people to mapping.

With your help, our community has grown the map in Nepal from very humble beginnings to 2,054,436 km roads and 135,063 buildings.

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